Resources for Research, Teaching and Beyond

Building a Webpage

  • This page was built using Wowchemy/Hugo. I created a Git repository and started with the Hugo ‘Academic Resume’ template. The template is very dynamic and a bit overwhelming. So I simplified its structure and changed the layout (colors, fonts, text size etc.). All the content is now written in simple Markdown files that I edit in Atom. Feel free to fork my GitHub repository if you want to build a similar and simple page.

  • My CV is written in RMardown too. I started with Steve Miller’s Academic CV template. It already comes with a Latex preamble that I adapted. The Big advantage: it directly imports edits from this homepage and vice versa.

  • I am a huge fan of R, RStudio, Markdown, Atom and other Open Source Software. There are now several excellent open online textbooks on R Programming, (R)Markdown and, Econometrics/Statistics in R etc. Below is a list of my favorites, and some resources others have compiled or created. I use many of them in my research, for teaching and beyond.

Open Online Textbooks on Inequality