A. Peer-Reviewed Journals

Home, Sweet Home? The Impact of Working From Home on the Division of Unpaid Work During the COVID-19 Lockdown

In: PLOS ONE. Joint with J. Derndorfer, V. Lechinger, E. Six and K. Mader.

This research is the outcome of a grant from the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF). The project was honored with the Kurt Rothschild Award in 2021, was cited more than 150 times in international and national media outlets, and had a significant impact on the public discourse and gender-specific consideration of lockdown measures.

Publisher’s Version - Open Access

The data from the survey ‘Multiple Burdens under COVID-19’ is available via OSF

What did you Really Earn Last Year?: Explaining Measurement Error in Survey Income Data

In: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society), Vol. 182(4), 1411 - 1437. Joint with S. Angel, S. Humer and M. Schnetzer.

Publisher’s Version - Open Access

Previous versions were awarded the Nancy and Richard Ruggles Memorial Award of the International Association for Research on Income and Wealth (IARIW) and the TALENTA Award of the City of Vienna and Vienna University of Economics and Business

The victims of neoliberal globalisation and the rise of the populist vote: A comparative analysis of three recent electoral decisions.

In: Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Soceity, Vol. 11(1), 73 - 94. Joint with J. Essletzbichler and M. Moser.

Publisher’s Version - Open Access

Work-sharing for a sustainable economy

In: Ecological Economics, Vol. 121, 246 - 253. Joint with K. Zwickl and S. Stagl.

Publisher’s Version (Paywall)

Welfare Wealth and Work for Europe Working Paper 111 - Open Access

B. Contributions to Databases

The GC Wealth Project Database

Access the Database

The GC Wealth Project (an initiative of the Stone Center for Socio-Economic Inequality at the City University of New York) expands and consolidates access to the latest research and information concerning wealth, wealth inequality, wealth transfers, and related tax policies. I lead the Wealth Inequality Trends section, which presents a comprehensive compilation of cross-national time-series data on wealth inequality.

The European Rich List Database (ERLDB)

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The European Rich List Database provides information on the richest individuals across European countries. The dataset comprises more than 13,300 observations from 23 countries and is mainly based on country-specific rich lists and supplemented with data from ``global'' lists (such as the Forbes list).

C. Contributions to Methodological Publications

The GC Wealth Project Warehouse Documentation Link

D. Aricles in German, Book Chapters and Invited Contributions

Einstellungen zum Sozialstaat und dessen Finanzierung in Österreich

In: Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Vol. 47(3), 329 - 360. Joint with Julia Hofmann.

Frauen in der Krise? Folgen der Corona- Pandemie für die Verteilung der Sorgearbeit

In: Frauengesundheit und Corona, Ed.: Wiener Programm für Frauengesundheit, Stadt Wien/Vienna, 161 - 171, 2020. Joint with J. Derndorfer, V. Lechinger, K. Mader and E. Six

Geschlechtsspezifische Mehrfachbelastungen während der COVID-Krise

In: COVID-Kaleidoskop, Ed.: Beigewum, Vienna, 28 - 31, 2020. Joint with J. Derndorfer, V. Lechinger, K. Mader and E. Six.

Zur Frauen- und Geschlechterpolitik von Schwarz-Blau II

In: Gaismair-Jahrbuch 2020, Ed.: Michael Gaismair Gesellschaft, Studienverlag/Innsbruck, 2020. Joint with J. Schultheiss.

Monopolisierung und Stagnation in den OECD Ländern: Von Josef Steindl, Larry Summers und der Ökonomie des unschuldigen Betrugs

In: Kurswechsel, 2018 (1), 81 – 98.

‘Denn nur ein gleichberechtigtes Miteinander von Frauen und Männern sichert eine gedeihliche Zukunft’ - zur Frauen- und Gleichstellungspolitik von Scharz-Blau II

In: Kurswechsel, 2018 (3), 66 - 74. Joint with J. Schultheiss. [Open Access]

Die Herren des Geldes - das Geld der Herren

In: Kurswechsel, 2017 (1), 2 - 5.Joint With R. Brait, S. Reither and P. Sauer.

Ökonomie im politischen Schlachtfeld

In: Kurswechsel, 2016 (1), 69 - 77. Joint with F. Bohinc

Zwischen Deutschland und Osteuropa: Österreichs neue Mittellage.

In: Politische Ökonomie Österreichs. Veränderungen und Kontinuitäten seit dem EU-Beitritt, Ed.:Beigewum, Mandelbaum Verlag/Wien, 2015. Joint with J. Becker and R. Weisenbacher

Was Ökonomischer Pluralismus kann und was er gar nicht will

In: Kurswechsel, 2015(2), 82 - 84. Joint with F. Bohinc