Works in Progress

A. Under Review

On Top of the Top - A Generalized Approach to the Estimation of Wealth Distributions

Joint with M. Ertl, E. List, P. Mokre and M. Schnetzer. Most Recent Version

The European Rich-List Database (ERLDB) compiled for this project is available here. In terms of the coverage of countries and years, it is the most comprehensive collection of such lists. It is also the first systematic compilation of rich lists.

Previous version is available as INEQ Working Paper #20

(Generalized) Pareto Tail
(Generalized) Pareto Tail

Presented at (selected): International Association for Research on Income and Wealth (IARIW; virtual), Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (LSE / virtual), Annual Congress of the International Institute for Public Finance (invited special session on The Super-Rich; virtual), InGrid Workshop on Recent Advances in Poverty and Inequality Research (virtual), Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association (virtual).

The Three Tales of Income Inequality in the United States: Linking National, Regional, and Spatial Income Inequality

Joint with M. Moser.

Presented at: Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality at CUNY Seminar (invited), University of Luxembourg (inivited), ERSA Summer School on Spatial Inequality, ERSA Congress, Annual Meeting of the Austrian Economic Association, Workshop on Regional Economic Inequalities, University of Evry - Paris Saclay, Tenth Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality, RC28 Summer Meeting 2023 (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor).

B. Selected Works In Progress

Unraveling the Geography of Intergenerational Mobility in Austria

Joint with Alice Kügler, CEU, and Moritz Hörl, WU Vienna, Petra Sauer, Freiburg University, and Anna Schwarz, CEU.

The Good-Council for Redistribution

Joint with Lukas Lehner (Oxford), Severin Rapp, (OECD), Martin Haselmayer (Foresight Institute), and Franziska Windisch (University of Vienna.

Wealth Inequality. A Probate-Based Approach.

Joint with Severin Rapp (OECD).

Estate Taxation and Tax Planning

Joint with Arun Advani (Warwick) and Andy Summers, (LSE).

Returns to Class. Capital Ownership and Returns to Education

Joint with Emanuel List and Patrick Mokre.

Presented at: Tenth Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality.

The Effect of Macro-Disaster Events on Income and Wealth Inequality.

Joint with Salvatore Morelli and Giacomo Rella.

Presented at: International Inequalities Institute, London School of Economics - LSE/LIS Inaugural Conference.

Housing Wealth and the Welfare State

Joint with Sofie Waltl and Emanuel List.

OSF pre-registration

Presented at: Lofoten International Forum on Inequality and Taxation.